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Newhaven Research

Newhaven Research is an Edinburgh-based company, established in April 2003.

Our expertise lies in our proven ability to:

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Newhaven Research provides a range of research and consultancy services, tailored to our client needs and requirements.

We work with Scottish Government, local authorities and other agencies to improve understanding of the operation of local and national housing markets, and the broader requirements of local communities.

We regularly collaborate with University based researchers and with other specialist consultancies to ensure we provide a tailored service that meets individual client requirements.

We also work with local authorities and housing associations to improve business planning and asset management.

We apply the most stringent professional standards to all our work, and we are committed to undertaking research that is innovative, practical and participative.

Consultancy services

Our consultancy services include:

Research services

Our research services include:


Dr Tony O'Sullivan

Dr. Tony O'Sullivan is co-founder and Director of Newhaven Research. He is a recognised authority on housing and regeneration, with over 25 years experience in researching and analysing housing and area regeneration issues in the public sector, university sector and the private sector.

As the Head of Planning and Chief Economist with Communities Scotland and its predecessor organisation Scottish Homes, Tony was a lead player in the development of the Local Housing Strategy framework, provided analysis that supported the development of the 2001 Housing (Scotland) Act, and was responsible for the 1991, 1996 and 2002 Scottish House Condition Surveys. He was also a member of the Housing Improvement Taskforce, the recommendations of which informed development of the Housing (Scotland) 2006 Act.

As an economist and researcher, Tony combines analytical rigour with excellent interpersonal skills and a commitment to customer service. He is an honorary Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Urban Studies at the University of Glasgow.

Gillian Young

Gillian Young is also a co-founder and Director of Newhaven Research. A social scientist by training, Gillian also holds a professional housing qualification.

Gillian also worked for Communities Scotland and Scottish Homes. Prior to co-founding Newhaven Research she was Head of Business Intelligence for the Scottish regeneration agency.

Specific areas of expertise include strategic planning, customer research, and housing market analysis. Gillian has wide-ranging consultancy experience in the development of local housing, private housing sector, and antisocial behaviour strategies, combined with a strong track record in policy development, business planning and analysis of qualitative and quantitative data. Gillian is committed to improving ways of analysing social and economic statistics so as to maximise the 'intelligence' they can provide to policy-makers and others.

She is a former committee member of Lorne Area Housing Association.

Curriculum Vitae

Dr Tony O'Sullivan

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Other Appointments

Honorary Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Urban Studies at the University of Glasgow since April 2003

Gillian Young

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Our clients include:

Examples of recent and ongoing work we have undertaken include:

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Newhaven Research: Published Reports

Published Reports

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Statement of Professional Conduct

Newhaven Research staff adhere to the RESPECT code of practice for socioeconomic research, and all work undertaken by Newhaven Research Limited as sole, main, or subcontractor is required to meet this code of practice in full. In summary, the code ensures that:

Data Protection Registration

Newhaven Research Limited is registered on the Data Protection Public Register as a provider of research, consultancy and advisory services.

Environmental Policy

Newhaven Research Limited recognises that it can contribute towards the conservation and protection of the environment. Our environmental objectives are to:

Newhaven Research Limited will at all times:



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